Dried Rose Buds

Natural Dried Roses for Flower Tea, Bath, Soap Making, Candle Making, Home Decoration, Beauty Products and Rose DIY Projects, Premium Tea Flowers
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All Natural Dried Rose Buds.
【Premium Grade, 100% Natural, Better Flavor & Taste.】We only choose high quality rose buds that are freshly picked and naturally dried, nothing is added to brighten the color or enhance the fragrance. Make a cup of hot or iced rose tea, smell the natural floral fragrance of rose and savor the awesome flavor of caffeine-free rose beverage.
【Perfect for Rose Tea & Rose Tea Blends.】Roses are rich in tannins and various vitamins that can improve endocrine disorders and relieve fatigue. Rose tea promotes blood circulation, eases anxiety and nourishes skin to prevent wrinkles. Brew some dried rose buds in hot or cold water to make a cup of soothing rose herbal tea or add some rose buds into black or green tea to make perfect rose tea blends. Frequent drinking of rose tea can promote metabolism and keep you energetic.
【Great Beauty Benefits, Ideal Skin Care & Hair Care.】As an ingredient in many beauty products, rose does beauty wonders on skin. It helps treat acne, whiten the skin, tighten pores and remove wrinkles. Dried rose buds can be used to make rose face cleanser, rose water, rose infused oil, DIY rose blush and rose face mask. For hair care, rose hair mask can improves hair texture and heals the scalp.
【Multiple Uses.】Apart from making tea, dried rose buds can also be used to make rose ice, rose syrup, rose scented linen spray, rose bath salts, rose-sugar scrub, rose soaps, rose candles, eco-friendly floral confetti, rose sachets for drawers and wardrobes…Using some rose petals as a garnish in your salad or cookies to add a touch of rose flavor is also a great idea.
【Ideal Gifts for Ladies.】As a symbol of love and romance, rose is almost loved by girls of all ages. Our dried rose buds can be given as popular gifts on many occasions: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries. Fresh roses wither and fade soon while dried rose buds can be tasted and preserved for a long period.